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Weekly Price Statistics Indicator – Simpler Trading 

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General description of the Weekly Price Statistics Indicator from Simpler Trading

With regard to its capacity to do quantitative statistical analysis, this Weekly Price Statistics Indicator is comparable to the Two Week Statistics Tool. Rather than looking two weeks ahead, this allows you to anticipate the high and low prices for the current week in advance (on a daily chart). With the help of this tool, you may better structure your shorter-term option income trades. With the statistical chance of the price exceeding that range right at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions. The goal is to equip you with a large statistical advantage that will allow you to make the best trading decisions possible in the future.

The Weekly Statistics Indicator from Simpler Trading is a tool that draws levels on your charts based on the expected weekly changes. Given the fact that projected moves are created in real time based on price action, it would be fantastic to be able to examine prior expected move calculations in order to assess whether or not an advantage has existed in the past. Exactly that is what the Weekly Price Statistics Indicator does; it offers historical predicted move levels to aid you in understanding how options are priced for their various expiration dates. According to the indicator’s basic settings, it will go back 30 weeks and provide you a realistic price range based on the most recent bar expected changes.

This Weekly Price Statistics Indicator is perfect for keeping track of price ranges that are likely to occur in the future. Based on previously predicted move data, this can help in the construction of more efficient trading structures. This stringent projected move criterion allows you to properly define your risk when putting up your trades when setting up your trades. Weekly expected moves provide extra information beyond the snapshot provided by the majority of platforms for projected moves, allowing you to make a more educated option based on the values of prior forecasted moves in a more timely manner. Having this information is essential for building positions with suitable hedging strategies and for determining market sentiment based on historical data and market sentiment.

Simpler Trading and its inspiring story

Simpler Tradidng

John Crater founded Simpler Trading in 1999 while living in La Jolla, California with his wife. Not only was he transitioning from a steady paycheck to a trading income, but he was also an active participant in online forums populated by others who shared his passion with the account development potential he saw in charts and options spreads. His engagement in trading groups brought him into touch with traders such as Mark Douglas, Carolyn Boroden, Eric Purdy, Bruce Marshall, Raghee Horner, David Starr, and Ross Givens, among others. Around 2015, one of the most significant difficulties Simpler Trading faced was a jumble of old websites and difficult-to-use interfaces. Thus, they began not only an update, but a complete redesign of You may look forward to the annual Simpler Trading Mentorship, an invitation-only conference including live trading, discussion panels, and a poker night from this trading education platform.

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