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Messages and ‘Weapons’ – Tradingology Elite Membership by

Tradingology Elite Membership by is designed to walk you through the library of day trading knowledge and techniques as well as tools for higher profitability and less risk – taking. The messages that the trading markets have tried to tell you are decoded into the much more coherent language with the aid of powerful methods and the powerful weapons. Tradingology Elite Membership by includes Tradingology Courses for the viable strategies and tactics while the Complete Market Timer System of Strong Market is for the optimal timing of market entry and exit. You do not need much prerequisite to join Tradingology Elite Membership because of its comprehensive curriculums. The glimpses into the content are provided below.

How Do You Understand The Messages of The Trading Market? – Trading Courses of Tradingology Elite Membership by

There are many approaches to understand the market signals, status and patterns, each of which has pros and cons. Online trading courses  mostly choose to talk one or some of them while Trading Courses instruct you on most of them. Given that the Gamma Scalping Masterclass for the guideline of the “Greeks”,  Technical Analysis Class for excellent chart reading skill. Subsequently, Trading Courses show you how to leverage the insights into the markets for the outstanding strategy setups in the subdivisions of VXX Pro Trading System, MES Futures Masterclass utilising the pre – market volume and setting price levels, Volatility Arbitrage Masterclass, etc. The aforementioned techniques and strategies are adaptable to Stocks, ETF, ETN, and Crypto, and so on.

The Powerful ‘Weapons’ for Your Day Trading – Strong Market’s Complete Market Timer System of Tradingology Elite Membership by 

The scripts of Swing/Day Trade System, Intratrader and SM, which can be applied to TOS, TradeStation, NinjaTrader and PineView for TradingView, are shared in the session of Strong Market’s Complete Market Timer System of Tradingology Elite Membership. Timing is important in day trading for the optimal risk/reward ratios so the instruction of scripts and management is highly appreciated. The spreadsheets for DOW/S&P 500 and Nasdaq uncover the formulas and algorithms for the indicator development, which are packed in Strong Market’s Complete Market Timer System. The rigorous analysis of historical trading data (from 2008 – 2015) complements the market patterns, which paves the path for higher profitability and less risk – taking.



Tradingology is an online trading course platform which has built up a dynamic and growing community of over 1000 members. Dan Falkenberg is the soul for Tradingology, who has been professionally traded for years. Thus, Dan understands how challenging and fascinating it is to trade in such volatile markets as ETF, Options, Futures, etc. Tradingology honours the diversity of methods and approaches to reach the universal goal – winning higher profits with less risk-taking.

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