Todd Brown – The E5 Camp Masterclass

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Todd Brown – The E5 Camp Masterclass

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Todd Brown – The E5 Camp Masterclass

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What Makes E5 C.A.M.P. So Different?

E5 C.A.M.P. is a simple and unusual marketing method which can bring you more new customers in the next 45 days than most online marketers see in an entire year.

What you’re about to discover is a new and very different front-end marketing method that generates steady and predictable sales for you from new customers, regardless of your product, regardless of your price, and regardless of your marketplace.

Module One: Examine – Part 1

#1: Conducting The Prospect Analysis
#2: Conducting the Product Analysis
#3: Conducting the Competitive Analysis

Module Two: Examine – Part 2

 #4: Conducting the Promise Exposure Spectrum Analysis
#5: Conducting the Prospect Awareness Pyramid Analysis
#6: Creating the Three Dimensional Prospect Profile

Module Three: Engineer – Part 1

#7: Your Engineering Tools
#8: Engineering the Perfect Customer-Generating Product
#9: Engineering the Perfect Offer
 #10: Engineering the Perfect Marketing Funnel Thesis
#11: Engineering the Perfect Big Idea

Module Four: Engineer – Part 2

#12: Flawless Funnel Copywriting
#13: Engineering the Perfect Headline & Lead
#14: Engineering the Perfect Marketing Message

Module Five: Engineer – Part 3

 #15: Engineering the Perfect Minimum Viable Funnel
#16: Engineering the Perfect Lead Capture Page
#17: Engineering the Perfect Marketing/Sales Page
#18: Engineering the Perfect Order Form

Module Six: Evaluate

 #19: Testing Your Minimum Viable Funnel (MVF)
#20: Understanding Your MVF Response

Module Seven: Enhance

#21: Enhancing with the the Perfect Upsell Sequence
#22: Enhancing with the Perfect Follow-Up Sequence
#23: Enhance Overall Conversion
#24: Setting-up the Perfect Testing

Module Eight: Expand

#25: Expanding Your Level of Acquisition Aggression
#26: Expanding With Competitive Analysis
#27: Expanding With The Perfect Tracking Set-Up
#28: Expanding Your Acquisition With B.A.C.O.
#30: Expanding Through Your Backend

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