Rachel Feldman – Detox Rockstar

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Rachel Feldman – Detox Rockstar

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Rachel Feldman – Detox Rockstar

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Basic & Rockstar Detox Summer Done For You Programs for Health Coaches Detox Rockstar

Based on the teachings of Liz Lipski, John Douillard, Anne Louise Gittleman, Alejandro Junger,  and other leading experts. Detox and Cleanse:

Delivers inner and outer beauty to your clients and a rejuvenated business to you. Detox Rockstar

This season is epic. We added beauty foods, Age Defying Secrets and ways to beautify your body through gut health. This done for you detox/clean eating program is the perfect foundational program for your health coaching business.

The perfect compliment for any coach specializing in hormones, allergy elimination, beauty, age defying or skin health.

 We gave you tons of bonus materials like the Foods for Beauty Guide to enhance your clients experience plus you have the OPPORTUNITY to market this program in 3 ways (scroll down to read the deets).…a program you can use to build your business from the ground up, rebrand, or flesh out that sales funnel you’ve been working on.…a program that lays the framework on where you can build a strong, successful health coaching practice with clients lined up at the door.We’ve got everything you need with the summer done for you program: detox or clean eating program.
These Done-For-You Programs are right for you if…
  • You are a brand-new coach, fresh out of school, and you need a program of substance to offer your clients.
  • You are a seasoned coach who’s been around the block, have a few launches under your belt, and now you’re ready for time-saving tools so that you can coach more and work the back-end a whole lot less.

These Done-For-You Programs will save you…

  • Stress: You were born to coach and pursue your dreams and that doesn’t include sitting in front of your computer trying to work every single aspect of your business all by yourself. The stress of creating and writing hundreds of pages just isn’t where you need to put your energy when you have clients waiting to be coached.
  • Time: Whether you’re working a 9 to 5 or raising kids, time is of the essence. You can’t possibly clone yourself, and the startup funds to hire a full blown team to do it for you just isn’t there. These Done-For-You Programs will give you more time the minute you say yes to more freedom in your business and choose the niche-specific program of your dreams. One program guide takes 100 hours to complete – imagine what it takes to create the entire program.
  • Money: Let’s talk cash, coach. The value of these programs begin at 8k and end in the ballpark of 30k to create just one. From the program guides to the recipes, sales pages to written emails, social media images to newsletters, and so much more. Why get into a heap of debt when you can get your business rolling in the dough for anywhere between $167-$2,812? Easy pick, isn’t it?

You need a program that solves your client’s problems.

One that
  • gives your clients a simple solution to even the most complex concerns
  • provides them the info they need to trust you along the way
  • offers different price points that suit their budget

You need a program that solves your CEO problems.

One that
  • saves you endless amounts of time because all the hard work is done for you
  • helps you build authority and visibility online and offline
  • gives you more time, more clients, and more money

This season we added more information about age defying secrets, beauty foods and ways your client can defying age from the inside-out. This Age Defying Detox™ is different. We are still basing the detox on the elimination diet. Too often OUR CLIENTS are eating foods that are wreaking havoc on their bodies, and they don’t even know it. This detox will always be based on seasonal eating. This detox NOW has tons of information on foods for skin health, beauty and even face masks to help your client glow and defying age naturally. Detox Rockstar

Our recipes are full of flavor and designed to help your clients feel and look younger from the inside out.

It’s different from run-of-the-mill restrictive programs where your clients only eat raw foods, only drink juices or drink shakes.

The Only Way to Properly Detox is WITH THE SEASONS.

You can use this program as more than just a detox with your clients. It’s a sugar cleanse, a weight loss jump start, hormonal reset, anti-aging reset, digestive wellness jumpstart, or clean eating reset.

This program is perfect for cooking workshops, healthy food shopping tours, VIP days, private 1:1 coaching, group programs (online and offline) or your signature program. Whatever your practice needs, the Detox™ delivers. Detox Rockstar

You don’t have to waste countless hours researching material, tasting recipes, creating suggested meals, and writing hundreds of pages on detox and clean eating.We did it for you.You don’t have a full team of copywriters, editors, marketing experts, graphic designers, and chefs working with you. At least, not until NOW.No need to reinvent the wheel – we’ve done all the writing, editing, researching, revising, customizing, testing, illustrating, photographing, and designing for you. Detox Rockstar

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