Cat Howell – FB Ads Academy

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Cat Howell – FB Ads Academy

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Cat Howell – FB Ads Academy

Sale Page : cathowell

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The Academy Low-down…

If you want to start to really scale and transform your business into a well-oiled machine, one that pushes the boundaries of old revenue-making habits and frees you from the temptation to fulfill all areas of work on your own, then you’ll want to keep reading.

Right now we’re opening up more spots inside The Academy program so you can do just that.

The Academy is an 8-week online training program, that’ll help you unlock your business goals by plugging into the systems and processes of a 7-figure agency.
I’ve collated all the necessary tools and information – (which took me over 4 years to build),

including my personal templates and tips, s

upport from industry experts,

coaching calls,

private groups and my SOP’s (standard operating procedures, – key to a successful agency) to help you in building a business that’s a game-changer!

You’ll have access to a number of processes we currently use inside our agency that’ll help you create, manage and maintain a business with minimal expenses, minimal effort, and maximum results.

Just a heads up, the Academy isn’t for everyone. It’s life-altering stuff and a place for those with a vision, and those that are ready for big things. Be prepared for a mindset shift.

Throughout the 8 weeks inside The Academy, you’ll go through a 7-tier program structure that covers everything from your introduction and journey right through the various steps and training levels, SOP’s and a final wrap-up for continued development.

First things firstAs I mentioned, The Academy isn’t for everyone. So to ensure that this is the right program for you, we ask that you book a call with one of the team so they can discuss if it is indeed the best fit. From here, you can decide if it’s the journey you’re up for!

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